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Digital campaign for Student Art Pass showing that visiting museums and galleries can be as exciting as dating.
Shortlisted by Student Art Pass and YCN 


We found that over 75% of young people (aged 18 - 24) use dating apps. Our aim was to show that visiting museums and art galleries can be as exciting as dating



Making a reference to Tinder (the most popular dating app among young people according to Survey Monkey), we wanted to present artists in a relatable way and make them and their work appealing to young people.


We focused on personalised experiences and gamification. The campaign directed to young people shows visiting museums as fun, exciting and enjoyable experience which builds a strong positive connection.

concept by: Ola Galewicz, myself animation: myself

illustration: Ola Galewicz

art curation: Ola Galewicz, myself

Frida EKran2.png
William Ekran1.png
Paul Ekran 1.png

We’ve created ‘dating’ profiles of famous artists, presenting them in a fresh and exciting light. The aim was to choose artists whose exhibitions were currently on so that people could go on a ‘date’ with the artists’ works. A location pin indicates which museum/gallery to visit.

To make the experience more personalised and exciting for our audience, we’ve prepared an interactive quiz ‘Find your soulmate artist’, where people can match with an artist whose exhibiton is currently available to see.

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